• Donors should be between 18-28 years old
  • Physically and genetically healthy, no transmitted disease
  • Smoke-free and drug-free, donors will be tested prior to starting the cycle


  • $10,000 +

The Process

Fill out the GSEC Donor Application online along with at least 5 close-up pictures; 5 full body pictures; 5 baby pictures. Once selected, a GSEC consultant will be in contact to explain the process and answer any other questions you may have
Once the Intended Parents have chosen you as their donor, you will be tested for basic hormones and antral follicle count
A 15-20 minute phone consultation is required with a nurse or nurse practitioner
Psychological consultation will be scheduled for evaluation
Once medically cleared, both intended parents and the donor will discuss the legal contract in detail with their attorneys to protect each parties’ rights
Donor must have medical and psychological clearance before starting the cycle
The cycle is approximately 10 to 12 days, while in cycle, the donor must follow the coordinator's guidelines for cycle monitoring
The egg retrieval is approximately 10-15 minutes, during that time the donor will be under anesthesia
The IVF doctor will retrieve the eggs using an ultrasound with a small needle
Donor is able to go home 30 mins to an hour after the procedure accompanied by a responsible adult
The Intended Parents are responsible for donor's compensation, insurance, attorney and medical fees as well as other additional fees that might occur
If donor is travelling to other states, all lodging, transportation, airfare and meal allowance are paid for by the intended parents
Donors will receive partial compensation at the start of the cycle and the remaining within a week after the retrieval, unless otherwise specified.