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egg donor matching process

During the egg donation process, the egg donation agency requires prospective donors first to complete a questionnaire, where donors will be asked about their background and health history. The donor agency will ensure that you meet all of its requirements before going into its donor database. The donor database is where intended parents can search for profiles and find the right match.

If you’ve made it this far into the donor database, then congratulations! You are one of the few and unique group of powerful women who will embark on a rewarding journey that will have a positive impact on the lives of others. However, as you wait to be selected, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, you may be wondering what goes on during the egg donor matching process.

The Intended Parents Perspective

It’s understandable if you start to feel a little impatient if you haven’t been matched with any parents. But it’s important to remember that there two involved parties in the egg donation process. You, as the egg donor, and the intended parents, as the egg donor recipients.

There’s a good chance that the parents joined the egg donation agency’s program after suffering a long string of defeating experiences with trying to get pregnant. They may have already gone through many rounds of failed IVF treatments and spent lots of money on trying to conceive a child on their own.

Infertility is a very serious issue for individuals and couples, and it can cause a great deal of emotional distress. The purpose of egg donation agencies is to provide an alternative option for parents who have not given up on their hopes of having a child. And of course, this is where you, the egg donor, can make their wish turn into a reality. But before any of this takes place, egg donor recipients will want to take their time and make a careful selection with choosing the right donor that meets their needs.

Is it Because of How I Look?

The egg donor matching process can sometimes get a bit of a bad rap because it can appear to be a beauty contest for those who don’t understand how it works. While it’s true that looks do matter, it isn’t about beauty. Generally speaking, the point of evaluating a donor’s looks has more to do with finding a match that looks most like the couple, and not necessarily the most attractive donor. For instance, a recipient may have brown eyes, brown hair, and a particular skin tone. It’s very likely that that recipient will be searching for a donor who closely resembles her physical characteristics. After all, parents want their children to look like them, and not someone else. It may be possible that parents are not comfortable disclosing to their friends or family that they used donor eggs to have their children. Therefore, the more a child looks like them physically, the less likely that other people will question the child’s genetics.

In sum, it is about how you look, but not for the reasons that you may suspect. Parents also take into consideration other traits like health history, genetic predispositions, personality, and so much more. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get matched right away. There’s a chance that you will be someone’s perfect match.

So What do Egg Donor Recipients Look for in Egg Donors?

It all depends on each couple. However, egg donor recipients will look at physical attributes like eye color, hair color, skin tone, and more. Once again, it’s not about choosing the most attractive egg donor, but about picking the one that resembles the recipient’s physical features the most. As we said before, egg donor recipients want to have children that look like them.

In addition to physical features, egg donor recipients also look for things like aptitudes. Maybe you’re a talented musician or enjoy doing art. Your abilities can be just as essential, if not more, than physical attributes. What a parent prefers regarding talents all depends on them. So don’t feel like you have to take up a new hobby just to fare better on the egg donor database. Egg donor agencies want donors to be truthful, honest, and just be themselves. We all possess unique talents and abilities, and these are the things that make everyone so unique and special. Keep this in mind as you complete the registration process. The best advice is just to be you!

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