1Is the experience painful?
Some donors will experience bloating and tenderness around the chest area. Others may not. The egg retrieval itself is painless and and you will be put under with anesthesia for the short ten to fifteen minute surgery.
2Is the donation always anonymous?
Most donations are anonymous. Donors may choose to use their real first name or a nickname during the donation.
3How many times can I donate?
Donors are allowed to donate up to six times. If you are a repeat donor, records of your previous donation will be requested to assure there were no complications.
1What are the requirements of becoming a donor?

All donors are required to do pre-screening before starting a cycle. Donors should be drug and smoke free; physically and mentally healthy; have monthly menstrual cycles.

It is also important for donors to be responsible for all appointments with clinics. Donors are not allowed to travel to other states or too far away from the fertility center during her cycle.

2Am I required to travel?
Not all donors are willing to travel out of state for the donation process. However, donors and intended parents can discuss further details before proceeding.
3Do I have to be on medications?
Yes, donors are required to give injections to themselves to stimulate the growth of the follicles. Training will be provided from the IVF clinic and/or video clips may be available online.
1How long does it take before I get matched with an Intended Parent?

It can take anywhere between a week or up to 6 months to be matched depending on the intended parents' requirements are for the donor they're searching for. For donors who have applied and didn't hear back after 6 months, we encourage them to update their profile and/or pictures with GSEC.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!